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This is the ideal service if you just need an extra hand with a particular space of your home.

You can book a minimum of 3 hours and we will focus to clean the areas of your preference with high standard over rushing.

Usually our Cleaning Per Area’s clients choose:

  • Bathroom (s) + floors or
  • Bathroom (s) + kitchen + floor

Total price is determinate according to the type of house (house, townhouse, flat…) and the conditions of it.  The first cleaning is the deepest one, usually takes around 1-3 hrs extra than the ongoings.  We will be more than happy to visit your place for an estimated.

You can book our Cleaning Per Area contacting us📱0491 829 501info@redoakcleaning.com.au 🖱️

If you are looking for an a whole house cleaning check our FULL HOME CLEANING SERVICE!



• Light tidy up
• Wipe bench tops and splashback
• Wipe oven’s front
• Scrub stove top 
• Exterior wipe: kitchen appliances, cupboards,
  drawers, fridge and dishwasher
• Polish stainless steel surfaces
• Scrub and polish kitchen sink and tapware
• Empty bins
• Wipe inside and outside microwave
• Wipe down range-hood


• Wipe countertops
• Spot clean mirrors
• Wipe cabinets and drawers (outside)
• Scrub and wiping bath and basin 
• Scrub and wiping shower tiles, shower floors and screens
• Clean and polish tapwares and chromes
• Wipe and disinfect toilets
• Empty bins
• Wash shower drain and grates


• Vacuum and mop all accessible areas,
  under beds/couches/furniture
 (We won’t move heavy furniture)
• Vacuum visible windows tracks
• Vaccum and mop floor under rugs
(rugs with not furniture on)



We’re ready to clean up your home, office, house or a warehouse with an astounding and acute precision

Professional, friendly and reliable cleaners

All cleaning supplies

Full insurance to keep you and your
belongings safe

100% satisfaction guaranteed

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