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The Windows Cleaning it’s not usually the favourite task when is time to clean your home.  It’s reasonable, it looks pretty easy but most of the times you don’t get the results you’re waiting for.  

                                                              What is include?

Expert washing of your accessible windows and glass doors (inside and outside). If you got a balcony, we’ll make sure to make it looks nice and presentable (include a full sweep/mop of floor, general dust and wipe down reachable surfaces and light tidy up of the area).

  • Frames and sills are polished clean
  • Dust off fly screens 
  • Removed cobwebs


This is an excellent solution if you’re looking to bring your carpets back to life. 

Steam Cleaning is the process to use pressure jets to disinfect and clean. They can easily remove grease, and stubborn marks.

How long could it take to dry?

It depends on the type of carpet fabric, the ventilation in the room, as well as the pile type and thickness. The regular carpets usually dry for around 3-4 hours, while wool carpets can take up to 6 hours to dry, especially if they are furry.

Please keep in mind:

1 -We charge a flat $45/bedroom sized room (3m x 4m approx.). 

2 – Due to a heavy equipment is required for this service, we have a minimum service charge: 2 rooms – $90. (Some exceptions apply according with your location, please contact us directly in case you’re looking for something different).

3- Steam cleaning is highly effective at deep cleaning carpets and upholstery, but unfortunately it has some limits. Some of them are associated with:


-Aging of carpet

-Carpet dents

-Changes on the carpet colour due to sunlight

-Carpet odour (sometimes it’s necessary more than 1 steam cleaning session)


A lot of people consider cleaning an oven a kitchen’s nightmare, and when is not clean regularly , makes the grease more difficult to clean. 

Regularly cleaning your oven will help to improve:

  • The quality of the food you cook in it
  • Helps ovens take shorter to heat
  • Use less energy 
  • Will extend its life and reduce the risk of needing repairs

How long could it take?

Oven cleaning is a difficult process and usually takes between 30-60 minutes. Some of the activities involves are:

-Spray inside with an oven cleaner (leave for 30-60 minutes)

  • Scrub down all inside walls
  • Scrub and clean all trays/grills
  • Vacuum/wipe/scrub hinges and remove any caked-on food/charcoal
  • Full clean inside/outside glass 

 Please keep in mind:

1 – We are not a specialist oven cleaning company and we will therefore not completely dissemble your oven, that is why our flat starts just from $45 (depending on size and condition). 

2 – Old and not well treat ovens have some limits related with how much they can be cleaned and even when they may not look as good as new, you will notice the difference!

Price: from $45 according with size and condition

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Cleaning your fridge, it’s essential to eliminate bad smells. And find out what is out of date.

How long could it take?

Inside fridge cleaning could take between 30-60 minutes. This activity involves:

  • Take everything out of your fridge
  • Clean the shelves, drawers, compartments and walls.
  • Pop everything back inside.

Please keep in mind:

1 – If you have an exceptionally large fridge, then extras charges may apply.

2 – We do not clean freezers, as these in general need to be defrosted before cleaned.

Price: from $30 according with size and condition



Laundry is one of the scariest home tasks, cause usually takes a lot of time; but no worries, we can help you to do your chores easier. 

This is an on-site laundry service.  We’ll be able to wash, dry and fold laundry for you during your service if you have a washing machine and a dryer. 

A typical washing cycles take 45-60 minutes and most dry times are 30-45 minutes, in general we are able to perform 1 laundry load per 2 hours that we are at a property. 

Please keep in mind:

We usually work in teams (2 or 3 people according with the job), if you’re interested in your cleaning + laundry service, please contact us to be sure how many loads could we help you with.

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You didn’t have the time to load you dishwasher today? No worries, we’ll load it and once the dishes are done, put them back in your drawers.

Most dishwasher cycle times can last anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours, reason to certain considerations need to be allowed for the dishwashing time of your respective device and this may somewhat limit the amount of loads we can do during

Please keep in mind:

We usually work in teams (2 or 3 people according with the job), if you’re interested in your cleaning + dish washing service, please contact us to be sure how many loads could we help you with.


Slipping into a clean bed, crisp bedding is a wonderful feeling.  The general advice is to change your bedsheets at least once a week, considering the following facts:

  • People spend a lot of time in bed
  •  Sheets absorb skin, food, cosmetics, creams and general dirt and dust that
  • Creates a build-up of bacteria, which will naturally fester for longer as the sheets get dirtier, causing
  • Irritations, infections and more

That is why we also offer a bed linen changing service (sheets, pillowcases, and duvet cover). We charge a flat $20/bed.

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