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About Us

¿What is our purpose?

We know how difficult could get handled work,  kids and home at the time!

We help our community live better by giving them time to focus on what is most important: family, work, and fun.

We specialize in Domestic Cleaning. We believe that success comes from working with professionalism, efficiency, responsibility, and integrity.


We are four young dreamers:

~ Andrea is the communicative one, she is in charge of the domestic cleanings, her strength is customer service.

~ Mónica (Andrea’s sister) is the creative one and also Andrea’s and account activity supporter.

~ Small Daniel, as we call him (Mónica’s Husband) is the accountant man, who gets all numbers in order.

~ Big Daniel (Andrea’s Husband) is the get one, he is who gets the equipment and stuff on time. Also the one on charge of some of the specialized works.

As a family, we use all our strengths so that RedOak 🧡 reflects love and
warmth to each of our clients.

We have a strong belief in hard work and honesty, knowing that our client’s trust is our most valuable treasure.